View all the photos from the Series X3 Hyundai Excel Racing CAMS State Championship Round 1 2016

Newcomer Bradley Smith did a great job in the #11 Single Cam, improving his times all weekend!


Calum Jones battled low tyre pressures in Race 3, holding off Sean Beggs and Lauren Bradford in a close battle through Turn 2.


Paul "Porky" Hibberd did a solid job in his Series X3 return, here fighting hard to hold off Calum Jones.

Cam Bartholomew had a great weekend with pole and two wins but had to fight Terrance Kielly hard all the way.


Danai Holst riding the kerbs nicely through Turn 2.


Debbie Frazer had a great weekend in the Bruce Elliott mobile, here leading Marky Mark Pryor into Turn 2.

The start of Race 3, with Kielly and Bartholomew leading the way.


Terrance sporting some front end damage after a fierce battle with Bartholomew in Race 2 which was resolved in favour of the #12.


Danai Holst recovered from this big moment through the T-Junction.... Just....

Lauren Bradford had a difficult weekend in the #43, the setup of the championship winning car from 2015 not suiting her driving style. Qualified 3rd and had various issues through the weekend, but will be back stronger than ever for Round 2!


A great Pete Trapnell shot of daughter Sam Kielly leading father Jamie under the bridge in a close battle.


Steve Hay had a great weekend finishing third overall for the round.

Paul "Tiny" Boudar suffered some front end damage in a clash with Brock Giblin, but battled hard all weekend.


Calum Jones, Richard Chaseling and Lauren Bradford here sithing their way through the Esses. Richard drove his own vehicle which had not seen action for some time instead of his former championship winning mount owned by Peter Giblin.


Mark Lamberth riding the kerbs through the Esses in what was another good points weekend for Mark.

Calum Jones leads a ferocious battle through the Esses in Race 3, here closely pursued by Brock Giblin in the #47.


Driver of the weekend was definately Mark Pryor who qualified 4th, set the fastest lap of Race 2 smashing his own PB in the process with a 1:36.3, but had an unlucky gearbox failure forcing him to limp home in Race 2. A new box for Race 3 saw Mark finish all the races in a weekend of promise!


Terrance Kielly had a massive off on Friday afternoon in practice after some brake issues caused a spin which opened the rear hatch.

A great shot of Samantha Kielly throwing the #24 at the apex of Gumtree.


Lauren Bradford leads Mark Pryor and Sean Beggs into Turn 2.


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