View all the photos from the Series X3 Hyundai Excel Racing CAMS State Championship Round 2 2015

Cam Bartholomew leading a tight pack of cars in Race 1, Cam had a great meeting winning all three races at his Morgan Park debut!


A big off through the esses for Richard Chaseling cost him dearly in Race 1.


Steve Hay spun his car avoiding someone elses shunt, nearly ending up in pit lane!

Sean Beggs debuted the Chubby Wombat mobile at the June Round, you can almost see the smile on his face!


Lauren Bradford getting some big air time in the #68 owned by Bruce Elliott. Lauren had a tough weekend with terminal engine issues halting the car during race 1 and for the remainder of the weekend.


Calum Jones was strong with a few podiums and some increased pace from Round 1. One to watch out for for the rest of the year.

Mark Lamberth using some kerb through the Esses.


Mark Pryor here dicing fiercely with with former champion Jamie Kielly. Mark had a great weekend after a broken bonnet pin spoilt his race 1 result.


Tony Walsh was hooked up in the Green Hornet, showing improved pace at each outing!

The Bumble Bee of Chris Donnelly finished the weekend 4th overall after qualifying on Pole. CD also did double duty in the Hot Wheels Sports Sedan Camaro at Round 2.


Ellie Kertai made her circuit racing debut at Round 2, improving her lap times and race craft with each race.


Danai Holst commuted from his Melbourne base to compete at Round 2 and did a solid job throughout the weekend.

Paul "Tiny" Boudar made a welcome return to Morgan Park and surprised many with his speed at Round 2, well done Paul!


This ripper race 1 dice between Terrance Kielly, Chris Donnelly and Calum Jones finished this way with all three separated by 0.3 of the second!


Jamie Kielly returned in his old faithful championship winning Twin Cam after running his #53 Single Cam car at Round 1.

The battling pack in the drag race to Turn 1 at the start of Race 3.


The #68 car of Lauren Bradford in the middle of a massive tank slapper through the Esses in Race 1.


Cameron Bartholomew had a bit on here drifting through Turn 1 after coming in just a tad too hot!

Cam Bartholomew leads the way up their hill and under the bridge on the excellent Morgan Park "H Circuit". The mighty Hyundais were reaching nearly 170kmh on the approach to the Turn 9 sweeper!


Terrance Kielly was rock solid all weekend and took the fight up to Bartholomew. Bart is showing some really good form and will be tough to beat for the rest of 2015.


Samantha Kielly finished the round 10th in the points after some strong, consistent results across the weekend.

Cameron Bartholomew saving on rubber doing his best bicycle impression through the Esses!


The #47 of Brock Giblin had a tough weekend with an unlucky DNF in Race 1, despite showing some solid pace.


Paul Boudar being chased hard by Chris Donnelly in the #43 in the final race of the weekend.

Richard Chaseling, Tiny and Jamie Kielly had some great battles throughout the weekend and were rarely more than a few car lengths apart.


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