Series X3 Qld Inc. Membership Agreement

The following outlines the expectations that members should have of Series X3 Qld Inc., and those, which Series X3 Qld Inc. has of its members.

It aims to present a clear understanding of the culture our club wishes to maintain, and how this will be achieved.

What Series X3 Qld Inc. will do for you.

Series X3 Qld Inc. will endevour to give all our members the opportunity to participate in State Motor Racing Championships, National Title events and Invited category meetings.

We will continue to grow and develop a positive culture that attracts new members who share a common passion.

We will contiue to support members needs and help them develop the skills required to become a competent motor racing competitor.

We will maintain the club values of support, friendship, safety and category improvements.

By doing all of this , we will guarantee you have a good time, stick around and encourage others to join.

What you can do for Series X3 Qld Inc.

You can help support us. Everything that we can and will do for you requires the time and energy of volunteers, and we want you to be one of them!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

Winston Churchill

Existing members can help integrate new members, make them feel invited and engaged. Members attend and join in discussions at club general meetings. Cast your vote at the AGM.

Get involved in any other events like Motorsport exhibitions involving the club or any promotion that helps spread the word of our awesome club.

Our Agreement

By applying for membership to Series X3 Qld Inc. the individual is agreeing to become part of the environment and culture described above. Indoing so they also agree to support the club and continue its improvement.


Click Here   to Download your Series X3 Queensland Inc. Membership Form 


Click Here   to Download the Series X3 Queensland Inc. Members Code of Conduct 


Click Here   to Download the Series X3 Queensland Inc. Club Constitution 


Click Here   to Download the 2020 Qld Circuit Racing Number Application Form 



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